Contact Lenses… Day 2

Put contacts in at 9:15. Feeling a bit dry, and looking a little red, but not giving up!


Not sure if you can make out the red, but it’s there. I promise.

1:58pm. Eyes look and feel fine. The red seems to be gone. I’m thinking it was just from being tired. My daughter was up a lot last night. Just didn’t really want to sleep. Still keeping an eye on the situation. Get itl eye! I crack me up!

9:23pm. Still all good! I celebrated my new eyes by buying some fresh contact solution and a new case since when I opened the one I had, I found dried up, brittle contacts. Tuck! And the bottle of solution I had expired last month.

I’m so excited to be able to wear contacts again. And believe me, I tried over and over again these past 4 years. Never made it more than a few hours. 2 days gives me real hope!


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