New NON TOXIC Cookware!

In an effort to be more “Paleo” i’ve given up my non-stick cookware.  They’re only 3 years old and in good condition.  Only 1 piece started to peel while the others look brand new.  Probably because they are.  We really only use the pots for sauce or pasta and just 1 or 2 of the pans.  I think it’s safe to say there are 3 pieces we’ve NEVER used.  They’ve just been taking up precious space in my cabinet.  I’m actually looking forward to having some extra space.  In a one bedroom apartment with a tiny walk-through kitchen, all my cabinet’s are completely stuffed!

Ignore the mess on my table and the really bad cell pic!  Well, they’re all pretty bad cell pics, but this one was taken when my battery was low and I really needed more light, but my flash wouldn’t fire.


I did a lot of research on stainless steel sets and found a few really nice ones on Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond.  My mom offered to get me a set for my birthday as long as it was reasonably priced.  This is the set I decided on from Amazon.  I really wanted a set made in the US, but the cost was more than double!!!  INSANE!  The reviews were great, they are magnetic, 18/10 stainless… and I LOVE them!


As soon as the UPS guy delivered it I ripped the box open and started washing all the pieces!  Then I remembered we were having leftovers for dinner, so I was pretty disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to actually cook in them tonight, but at least I could re-heat!  I’m avoiding using my microwave, so i’m thrilled to have these!



There was more chicken in this pan, but we ate it.  Guess I should have taken a pic before we ate, huh?



With the very pretty lid on!




Do you use stainless steel?  Any tips for me?  So far, I really love them!  I’ve only used these 2 pieces, but I can’t wait to try some more.  Especially the steamer insert!


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  1. So glad I found this post – I’m in the market for new “paleo” cookware for when I move into my new condo and have been flip flopping between splurging on ceramic or just going to stainless – have you found it hard to cook in after switching from non-stick? I’ve heard that you need to use much more cooking fat and watch your food more closely and that’s the one thing I’m worried about since I tend to multi-task while cooking!

    • Honestly, I haven’t seen a huge difference between cooking on non-stick and cooking in stainless. I always added a bit of fat, either coconut oil or butter to pretty much everything, so not much has changed. I read that eggs are hard to do in stainless, but my husband has made them over and over in our stainless set with very little problems. When I cook eggs I tend to go to my cast iron skillet, which I VERY highly recommend! We’ve had this new set for a little while now, so I’ve had some time to get used to it and it really wasn’t very hard. Also, if you notice a little discoloration, use vinegar. Don’t use that chemical junk they sell to clean stainless. I had a pan that had some stains on it and after heating up some tomato sauce in it, the acidity actually got rid of it on its own. Eventually I’d like to add a ceramic piece, but I don’t find it necessary right now since this works out really well. If anything gets stuck on, I just let it sit in hot water for a few minutes and it wipes right off.

      • Any time! Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll help you as best I can. I LOVE LOVE Love my cast iron and I would really like a second, smaller one. I still tend to use that more than anything else.

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